KPI Summary: SQL to Slack -

KPI Summary: SQL to Slack


Slack messages loaded with SQL data are maybe the number one low-hanging fruit of the Industry. These short messages make sure that everyone stays aware of recent trends and never fail to create discussions around data. Get started with this template and have a Slack message ready in a matter of minutes.

How to use

1) Create or Edit the SQL-block in the Template:
Unless you want to send multiple messages, your SQL should be a LIMIT 1.
Every column returned by your query can become referenced data in your Slack message.

2) Create or Edit the Slack-block in the Template:
Design your message and simply reference data using JINJA.
E.g.: {{[0]['column_name']}}
Find out more about message styling and Slack's Block-kit-builder.

3) Don't have Slack webhook yet?
Simply follow the link on the bottom of the Slack-block to create one.

4) Test your design: Press play ▶️
Get immediate feedback on what your Slack message looks like.


  • A SQL-block that fetches a daily KPI summary (demo-data)
  • A Slack-block that sends the Slack message displayed above


  • Slack Workspace

The best way to send Slack messages loaded with SQL data. A KPI Summary sent to Slack never fails to get the whole Team to engage with data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find more information in our Documentation.

Templates are Public Notebooks that can be copied to your workspace for you to use.
A copy will contain all blocks but no results, like SQL results or API-Call results.
When you access a Public Notebook, and you are logged in, you will see a "Copy to my Workspace" button to the top-right.
If you are not logged in, you will see a "sign in" button instead.

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