What is Query.me?

The all-in-one data tool that helps you to deliver real insights - at rapid speed.    

  1. create & ship  beautiful and insightful business reports
  2. quickly answer ad-hoc BI requests
  3. automate your report delivery
  4. build up your data knowledge base
  5. find the existing information that you need

Video: A basic Query.me workflow  

A few core concepts:

In Query.me all your analytical work happens in Notebooks. Notebooks are beautiful, executable and shareable documents that can serve many different analytical use cases.

  • You can connect your SQL Databases and then query your data right inside your notebooks, which is great for ad-hoc querying, storytelling, or complex analysis and data transformation.
  • Search - Query.me creates a searchable index of all notebooks and data assets making it easy to discover what data is available. While pretty basic at this stage, we have big plans to build on top of this in the future.
  • Finally, you can invite other Users to your workspace to collaborate on notebooks, share queries and data.
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