āœØ Query.me v0.4 - Release Notes

Kenneth Roos
Kenneth Roos

We are back with a major new version of Query.me. Here's what's new.

šŸ”Ž Preview Tables

You know how a lot of data analyses start with good old SELECT * ?

We have implemented a little function that is meant to make that process a bit easier: In the DATA-Tab in your Query.me Notebook you can now click the preview button to see a LIMIT 10 preview of said table.

Using the copy-button right next to it you can paste the complete query immediately.

šŸ—‚ Database Sharing Settings

We have added a new feature to give you full control when sharing Data with others in your Workspace. You are now able to choose if a Database should be shared with everyone in your workspace, or if only certain members should have the following permissions:

  • view: Can see the connection and metadata but not use.
  • use: Can see connection, metadata, and run queries agains the database.
  • edit: Can edit the connection and all of the above.

+ Countless small improvements and fixes

We spent a lot of time ironing out glitches, small bugs and improving the general appearance and stability of the app.