Query.me is Officially in Open Beta

John Demian
John Demian

Query.me is a new collaborative workspace for data teams and is now in open beta!

We are very excited to announce the official beta version of Query.me, the all-in-one solution for data analysis and visualization.

Query.me enables you to:

  • Do your data analysis in beautiful SQL notebooks
  • Enhance SQL with parameters and Jinja
  • Go seamlessly from query to visualization
  • Collaborate and comment within the context
  • Easily share and publish your findings

What is Query.me?

Query.me is a web application that combines interactive notebook documents with a powerful SQL IDE used to securely query and visualize data from your data warehouse, all from one powerful and easy-to-use platform.

Query.me is a new kind of business intelligence tool to generate rich, engaging, and collaborative documents that include reports directly drawn from your SQL databases in real-time. Query.me provides a flexible canvas on which you can create clear and accurate reports in a comprehensive yet clutter-free manner.

Analyze data in SQL Notebooks

Query.me gives you the power to create SQL notebooks where you can combine text, rich media elements, data and visualizations to generate and customize reports.

Within these notebooks, you have access to powerful SQL tools where you can request data directly from your databases.

The SQL tools inside of the notebook include a powerful and intuitive IDE that offers auto-completion, SQL formatting, and all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a code editor within the friendly, easy-to-use context of a text document, making the learning curve for onboarding as small as possible. This IDE is perfectly suited for beginners and experienced power users alike.

Query.me streamlines the transition from data query to comprehensive visualization.

The queries generated within the notebook can be saved and called upon later, or instantly be used to create charts, graphs, maps, and many other visualization types.  The notebooks are a flexible canvas that allows you to create ad-hoc requests, self-servcice reports, KPI dashboards, deepdive analysis, knowledge bases and much, much more.

Unleashing the full potential of data storytelling with captivating charts and graphs pulled directly from the databases in real-time has never been easier.

Collaborate with Your Team

Query.me lets you collaborate with your team in real-time from anywhere in the world. Get more done with your team when you work together. Share your Notebooks with others via the share feature or by simply sharing a securely generated link.

With one centralized workspace, your team will be able to stay on the same page. Leave comments for your team to see, give feedback on the datasets, or find solutions to potential issues in a matter of seconds.

Instead of waiting long periods of time for an email reply with tons of screenshots or code snippets, have your team collaborate in real time with query.me.

Join our Open Beta

Now over to you! We want to create a product that is beneficial to all parties involved. Our team of software developers and analytics engineers know the pain of delivering useful data insights especially when your workflow is scattered around multiple tools and places. Join our open beta and streamline that process today with Query.me, the all-in-one solution for querying, visualizing, and sharing your projects

Join our open Beta

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Cover Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

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