The SQL workspace
for your team.

Build, share and ship outstanding analytics experiences.
Work together in beautiful SQL notebooks.

Beautiful Notebooks

Tell a story, organize your SQL queries, and create stunning, executable documents.

Seamless Collaboration

No copy pasting code, no CSV emailing. Share your insights with a simple link.

Powerful SQL Tools

Query parameters, Jinja templating, visualizations, scheduled reports and more.

Deliver Insights,
Not Another Dashboard!

A dashboard is not the right solution for every analytical problem.
If you want to deliver a truly outstanding analytics experience, you need a more flexible solution. is a modern SQL workspace to deliver great analytics experiences to the entire team.
Work together on a flexible notebook canvas and take care of all the different use cases and skill levels in your organization.

Notebooks - the perfect canvas for

In, all your work happens in Notebooks - beautiful, rich, collaborative documents that connect directly to your database. Perfectly suited for:

Ad-hoc Requests

Self-Service Reporting

KPI Dashboards

Deepdive Analysis

Knowledge Base

Data Storytelling

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Work better, together. notebooks are collaborative by design.
Get everyone on the same page fast.

Commenting & collaborative editing

See what others are doing, discuss and resolve questions in the right spot.

Easy sharing via links

Simply share a notebook or a query result via a link to start working together.

One, central workspace

Gather all your data knowledge in one place. Discover, curate and share insights.

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Do so much more with SQL. comes with a powerful, browser-based SQL IDE.

Powerful SQL Notebooks with Jinja

Parameterize queries, add loops and macros using Jinja to write queries faster and to make your SQL code more efficient, modular and reusable.

Go instantly from Query to Visualization.

Create beautiful charts and visuals from the result of a query with just a few clicks.

Schedule Queries, Automate Reporting.

Simply schedule your notebooks to run your SQL queries automatically. Send the results via email to anyone.

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